To be honest, I’m not sure how to start this blog (there’s that fear of failure again!). So I’ve decided to take it step by step, and let my gut show me the way. Like Hemingway once said, “there’s nothing to writing. All you need to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”. Now of course Hemingway was a bit higher on the steps of literature than I am, but never the less; I’ve got a typewriter (okay a laptop will do as well) and I know how to bleed words.


Let me begin by explaining the name ‘house of rogue’.

My first visit to Ireland was with my friend Kim. We were ready for an adventure, ready to break free from our stable regular lives in the Netherlands. What better place to visit than rough, wild, back-to-nature Ireland. We booked our stay through AirBnB and to keep it in the adventurous theme we decided on Garry’s ‘farmhouse in peaceful environment’ in Glengarrif. A lovely old house in the middle of the mountains surrounded with nothing than sheep and nature.

Our first stay was amazing, wonderful and inspiring. Garry was a lovely host and a true wanderer. Full of adventures, wisdom, and completely connected with himself and all the energies around him. Something that he was more than willing to share with us. He could wander of to places in his mind that no one would be able to reach, but that was just part of his himness. I felt truly blessed being in the opportunity to experience a week this true and this fulfilling.

No wonder that after my move to Ireland (more about that will come!), I really wanted to visit Garry again. This time with my partner, Borko. Garry, just being Garry, told Borko all about the weekend me and Kim experienced in Glengarrif. He shared his views on our energies, our characteristics, and the moments we shared during that weekend. He told me my energy had changed, that it had become more stable and more peaceful. To summarize his story Garry looked at me and said “you will always be you, you are rogue“.

Even though I wasn’t a hundred percent sure about the definition of the word rogue, I felt what he meant, and I agreed without a single doubt in my mind. Because I am me in the fullest width of the word. I am everything brought into one. I am wild, I am free, I am brave and I am strong. I am peaceful, I am insecure, I am soft and I am sensitive. I am a wondering wanderer, but I will never get lost. Of everything that I am and that I ain’t, I am rogue in the definition that I have given it, and I wouldn’t want to change my ‘rogueness‘ for all the gold in the world.

Stay rogue,



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