Rent a car or hitch a ride to the beautiful lake of Zrmanja. We had ourselves a fantastic day here. Launch yourself in the water by jumping of a rope, dive under to see some caves or climb up to enjoy the view from a small waterfall. Don’t forget to rent yourselves a kayak to kayak all the way upstream for more beauty and waterfalls!


il Saluto al Sole
As the lovely description given by Hitchock after his visit in May 1964; “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, in Florida, applauded at every evening”.

Morske Orgulje
If you’re visiting Zadar, you simply have to take a seat at the wonderful sea organs. Meditate, enjoy a lunch or just listen to these intriguing sounds. My advise: take a moment to sit down, relax and enjoy the sunset. When the sun is long gone, turn around and enjoy the modern light display all over the boulevard.

Walk through the old Venetian city gate and enter another time and place captured in time. Zadar is an UNESCO site and once you’ve walked through the old city gate you’ll understand why. Following the old city walls you’ll find the stairs to this hidden gem; open-air discotheque Ledana. Surrounded by the old city walls you can find different bars, lounge areas and lovely old gardens.


Pizza at Teta Feta
Okay it’s not free, but while you’re strolling around through the lovely city center, make sure you get yourselves an amazing, huge, de-li-cious pizza at Teta Feta. There’s a reason that Teta Feta is seen as the best pizzeria in Zadar. Combe the back streets of Zadar and don’t stop until you’ve found it!

Stay adventurous,



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