I came across this wonderful blog with a lot of interesting thoughts on philosophy (yea I know, that’s what it’s for). Below infographic inspired me to write this post and I’m wondering.. Which one are you and which would you like to be?

Me? I pride myself for being the ‘happy shiny’ optimist and always seeing the positive things in everything. Open minded, trusting, positive, energetic, happy and spontaneous. I’ll never be missing out on anything good. Ain’t I a treasure? My partner, he’s the ‘big bad’ pessimist. Or maybe more of a scepticist. I preach him more than once about seeing the positive and not being so negative. He likes his conspiracy theories, is absolutely sure the world is helping herself in destruction and doesn’t admire butterflies as much as I do. But honestly.. When I dig a little deeper.. I find quite some pessimistic feelings and thoughts within myself too. Actually.. My ‘big bad pessimist’ is more trusting, pure and open than I am..

I’m not sure if it’s that easy to be an optimist. Like a real, full on 100% optimist. I mean, my glass is never half full because the minute it’s getting there I fill it up again. Do the experiences in your life allow you to be that optimistic? Isn’t life teaching you over and over again how many reasons you’ve got to be pessimistic as fuck?

Maybe optimism is more a way of telling yourself to think and how to experience things. So my conclusion is that I might be pessimistic by nature, but I’m working very hard to see the good things, see the positive and be the optimist. It keeps me motivated, happy and ready to take on life. That said, if I’d start focussing on all the bad in the world I’d be jumping of the first rooftop in sight..

And come on, everyone has a little angel and a little devil in themselves. Don’t you?

Philosophy Matters ‏@PhilosophyMttrs TODAY’S INFOGRAPHIC

via Half a glass — Your NZ

So now I’m curious. What about you? Are you an optimist, a pessimist or something in between? Honestly..

With love,



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