Yes people, the holiday season has come and the hunt for the perfect present has announced itself. Personally I’m not fond of the thought of showing appreciation ‘just because’ it’s Christmas. I think every day is a perfect day to gather around with family or to give a present to a person you love. But as it is tradition, I might as well share my thoughts on it.

First of all; don’t go and smash other peoples faces if they’re making a run for ‘your’ pair of gloves. Don’t be folly and spend hundreds of euro’s on things that you’d never buy if it wasn’t for Christmas. Buy with your heart but use your head.

Christmas is about sharing. And no matter how strongly I disagree with having this thought top of mind only these days, it is a feast filled with love and laughter. Christmas is about family, friends and being nice to one another. Our families re-unite, we sit down all together, share meals and give presents to the ones we love. And keep in mind that it’s not about the gift. It’s the thought behind it that matters.

A present doesn’t have to be overly expensive, big or prominent. A thing as small as a personal note or a teaspoon can let those sweet tears of happiness pour. You’re buying something for a human being, someone you know. Just let them know how much you appreciate them in all their ways and wanders. Give the gift of love, recognition and appreciation.

It wouldn’t hurt to be a bit creative. Make it personal and give something that truly comes from your heart. That said, everyone runs out of imagination every now and then. So get inspired with these 10 wonderful ideas and stories for Christmas gifts or  gifts for any other occasion!

  1. A childhood memory
    There’s nothing as beautiful as a happy childhood memory. It’s very personal and will not be shared with many. From my opinion it’s one of the most thoughtful, personal gifts to give or receive. Those purple tights she loved so deeply when she was a little girl or that Batman action figure he used to carry with him everywhere he went. It’s the thought that
  2. A handwritten letter
    It might sound cheesy but the beauty of a handwritten letter will never age. Words are amazing things and they can speak out to emotions in a way not many things can. There are some things that aren’t said enough. Even a simple “I love you” can be to ‘heavy’ to say out loud. Words of appreciation, respect, love and tenderness are often more easy to write than to say. So grab this moment and make someone happy with your happiest memories, deepest feelings or unspoken thoughts.—
  3. A photo
    If you’re not the handwritten letter type this can be the perfect solution to say what you want to say without using too many words. A moment you once shared, an adventure you both treasured. As Karl Legerfeld once said: “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”—
  4.  A tattoo
    This might be a slightly more extravagant way to show someone how you feel and it takes some good thinking before you make a decision. But if you’re sure about your love or appreciation for someone why not take a stand forever? And please, I’m not talking about a big “I LOVE YOU MOMMY” across your chest. I’m talking about that first letter or that small symbol that only the two of you understand.meaningful tattoo.jpg
  5. A treasure hunt
    There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned treasure hunt for the inner child. The feeling of adventure, the mystery.. It’s not just original; it provides some good entertainment for everyone around as well! Let the gift-getter follow the hints throughout the house and track his or her way towards the big treasure. The treasure might be you, a pile of candy, or maybe that handwritten letter?—
  6. A secret wish
    Maybe your partner has been complaining about needing new shoes for a while now. Or he or she can’t stop looking through the window of that one store. If  you’ve kept your eyes and ears open you might have already heard what the perfect gift for him or her would be. If you didn’t notice anything than this might be a good lesson in paying attention!—
  7. A star
    For the people who never heard of it before: Yes. It is possible to name a star after your loved one. There are a couple of websites with prices going from low to sky high. You can buy stars, supernova’s and full zodiacs to name after your gift-getter. They’ll receive a complete gift package with certificate, star map, interesting facts, and background information about their star.  It’s a gift that they’ll be able to share with friends, family, children and their children’s children. All they need to do is look up.moon.PNG
  8. A handmade item
    Create something yourself to make it even more personal. Carve initials in a peace of wood, write something special on a pair of wineglasses or make a collage of all shared memories. There is no right or wrong in this situation because don’t forget: it’s the thought that counts.
  9. A food/booz basket
    Gather all the things he or she likes to eat, or things you might’ve eaten together doing things you love (popcorn, chips). Gather products that are represented in his or her favorite meals and top it all up with some drinks he or she likes, whether it’s orange juice or champagne. You won’t just have a personal gift, you’ll have a functional and highly appreciated one as well!—
  10. Be there
    For me, the greatest gift of Christmas is being with the ones you love. The biggest, truest gift you can ever give your loved ones is clear and simple: YOU. Be there, catch up, mesmerize and share many laughs.  


I hope you’ll have wonderful days filled with love and laughter,
Stay happy,



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