I personally don’t believe in ‘New Years’ resolutions. I think that any time is a good time to set yourself goals or to change directions in your life. On the other hand I do understand how a new year can feel as a new start; and thus a fresh beginning for new directions and different choices.

That said, making your resolutions oriented on the start of the new year creates a huge amount of pressure during the last weeks of December towards the first week of January. What are you going to do, what are you going to change, how much weight are you going to lose… You’ll probably end up stressed out on the sofa, comfort feeding yourself before the new year and your resolutions actually started.

That’s not the way to do it!

But than how should you do it?

Some time ago, Borko and myself both felt like life was just passing by. We worked, had our life together, did our social things and had our fun. All was good, but it didn’t feel the way it should. Life was happening without us truly living it. We weren’t working towards something, we weren’t reaching, in a measurable way, for the goals we had already set for ourselves. So from that inner motivation I decided to make us a goal board. It’s finished by now and it shows the goals we really want to achieve in the next year. Because let’s be honest, ‘new year, fresh start’ does feel better than a random day in the week.


So how can you make yourself New Years (or any-day-of-the-years !) resolutions that will work?

As a first,

you need to feel it. You can’t just push resolutions on yourself because you think you should. You can’t just google the 10 best resolutions and decide that that’s what you’re gonna do. It needs to be something that you really want to achieve. Something you’ve been bothered with for a long time or something you’ve been craving for.

For a second,

you need to be realistic. Pressuring yourself will only lead to failure. Your goals need to be achievable. Be kind to yourself while setting your goals. You can’t expect yourself to lose 40 KG’s in a years time and you can’t become a millionaire that easy. Start small, don’t force yourself into losing weight but make yourself happy by exercising more. Don’t push yourself to travel the world but start with visiting an x amount of new places.

As a final third,

it needs to be visible and measurable. When you’re being confronted with your goals you’ll be constantly reminded of the things you want to reach within some period of time. This can be in the form of pictures of your dream house, quotes on the mirror sides or any visual expression that suits you. We placed our goal board in the bedroom to make sure we’d see it, and be reminded of it, every new day we start.

As important, make sure your goals are measurable. For example, we plan to visit 7 countries, exercise 3 days a week (and lose 10KG’s) and save €10.000. In half a year, we can count the countries we visited, we can step on the scale monthly to see our progress and make a big money-jar to literally see it filling up towards our goal.

Dream big


Our goal board consists of ‘small’ things. Things we truly want to realize and that we feel should happen in the year ahead of us. Not because we need to or because we think we should. Because we know the things that’d give us even more happiness, and that’s exactly what we deserve.
It doesn’t have our whole bucket list or all the dreams we have. The time for that will come when it does. For now we’ve got ourselves a year with reachable, visible and measurable goals that will keep us motivated and ready to kick ass!

What are your New Years resolutions this year?
 Are they truly yours, achievable and measurable?

With love,



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