heartsI walked down the stairs and my eyes got used to the darkness of the room. Scanning the unknown faces my focus got stuck on one. Across the room, across the table he sat. The world stopped spinning, the space around me got blurry and all I could see clearly were his eyes. I felt the uncontrollable desire of being close to him, closer than socially acceptable in a situation as this. I knew right there, right then, that he was the one. The weeks after our first meeting were nothing less than a pure bliss. I felt like a swallowed the sun in a whole and nothing would ever be able to bring me down. Time and space became relative and just the sound of his voice created a wrinkle in the space continuum to get us right next to each other. The whole universe evolved around us.

Love makes the world a better place

There’s no hurt, there’s no sadness and everything is simply wonderful. That person you fell in love with must be the one, he or she makes you a better person and you simply can’t get that wonderful human being out of your mind. During this stage of wondrous delightful love, you don’t realise that it’s human nature to fall in love with your worst nightmare…

But in this stage, you simply don’t want to see anything else than the fluffy pink cloud you’re hitching a ride on. Even if you’d be tempted to see something else you wouldn’t be able to. Your brain got you hooked on the best legal drug ever: love. When in love, your brain releases the sweetest cocktail of chemicals (including Oxytocin, Phenylethylamine and Dopamine) designed to set your heart (and loins) on fire. This cocktail forces you to see what’s good and to simply ignore the bad.

Let’s not forget; falling in love has neurological effects similar to those of cocaine.

being in love as a cat.jpg

For some reason, I have always known things. I didn’t become aware of it until I became aware of myself but since that time, I knew things, without explanation. When I met my ex-partner I somehow knew that it wasn’t going to last forever but that I shouldn’t let that stop me. We were sitting on the balcony and a feeling just came to me; this is good, this is supposed to happen, it’s not going to last for ever, but it’s supposed to be like this. And indeed, after 4 years the relationship ended. After that I had a few flings from whom I just knew what they were there for. That on guy was there to make me get back in touch with my fun-side. Guys after that were there to make me re-discover my craving for freedom, my faith in myself or simply my belief in true love. But that pink cloud would let me get carried away each and every time.

If you look at love from a scientific point of view, falling in love is nothing more than the animalistic instinct of reproduction. To reproduce yourself in the most stable way as possible, you need to cross-breed. Build a stronger, better version of you; with an opposite partner. A partner that has everything you don’t have, to ensure your and your reproductions’ survival.

The fuzzy pink cloud of love on the other hand, shows you nothing less than a match made in heaven.

  • But what happens when the realisation kicks in?
  • What happens when you figure out that love is a struggle as well?

The doors open to stage 2…

You realise you just woke up next to your biggest nightmare

With love,




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