This is the stage in which you’ve figured out a way to be together in a peaceful state. There’s no need to struggle or fight, you’ve found a way to end those things in a tranquil fashion. The blissful surrender to your partner gives the two of you an easy, loving way of life.

I’ve known it from the beginning; this is the love of my life. We are still struggling to get where we want to be, but we know what’s waiting for us. We know that every struggle, every discussion will lead to the place we both want to be. The place where the dust has settled, the place where we both are at peace. We’ve chosen each other without a single doubt, and there’s nobody in this world I could ever love more.

The feelings of deep love and passion return in a more mature version and your love feels greater than ever.

cheers-to-loveYou realise you can’t change the other person and you surrender to the fact that there’s no need to. You accept the others flaws and falses and it’s okay to be different. You are two individuals, allowed to shine in your uniqueness. Clear boundaries have been set and issues are resolved without any struggle. You’re learning how to respect each others personality and wishes. You might fall back to the stage of struggle every now and then, but in general you find yourselves in a peaceful, loving relationship. This is the feeling of just ‘being’ that you were craving for.

But don’t forget that there’s still work to be done. All growth requires change and to grow towards the next stage of your relationship you have to get out of your comfort zone.

With love,



7 thoughts on “The 5 stages of a relationship : STAGE 3 ⇝ Blissful surrender

      1. Oh yes it did, and we still slip into moments of trouble. Recently it has been hard due to big life changes but honestly reading your post has reminded me what it is really like, so thank you for that xxx

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      2. Completely understandable, I can surely relate to that. There’ll always be moments in which you slip back, even after 50 years together, you’re only human! You’re more than welcome, I think the two of you can be proud of yourself having struggled to all of it and still cherishing the love between you guys. I think it’s the most wonderful thing in life. There’ll be 2 more stages coming up so I hope that they can be of any use to you!

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