proposalAt this stage, you begin to experience a beautiful balance of love, belonging, fun, power, and freedom. This is the stage in which you are truly ready for marriage. You accept and appreciate each others individuality and surrender to the reality of your relationship. You see things the way they are with all it’s flaws and falses, uneven as it sometimes is. And that’s okay.

It’s the stage in which you buy that house with the white picket fence and save for that fantastic wedding. It’s not just the warm feeling of being in love that keeps you together, you made a choice. You realise that you don’t need your partner, but that you want that person to be by your side for the rest of your life.

You choose that one special person as your partner for life

You both found a way to be your own individual in this relationship. This doesn’t mean everything’s perfect. You will slip back, you will still have some struggles. But the general feeling in your relationship is one of peace, stability and commitment. This doesn’t mean the work is done. Your journey as a couple has only just begun.

Source for inspiration and animation: Love at first sight

With love,



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