So I came across below post with “guidance on the road that lays ahead” and I must say that I thought it was pretty cool. For me, and Borko as well, it pretty much added up! I truly believe in ‘picking things’ based on your gut feeling. I’ve played with tarot every now and then, or with thought cards during Reiki sessions and I must say it always added up.

So pick a symbol, without thinking too hard; just go with the one that grabs your attention when you first see it. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it doesn’t have to reflect your personality, you just need to feel it.

Got a symbol? Great! Take a look at the corresponding message below.

Symbol #1

If you picked this symbol, now’s the time to let go – to take a step back and trust that the universe will take you in the right direction.
Believe me, I know how daunting it can seem. You want to keep pushing and fighting your way towards your goals. But have faith in yourself, stop trying to micromanage things and life will make your next choice very clear.

Symbol #2

If symbol #2 attracted you, now is the time to set boundaries in your life. Your current lack of limits is allowing people and things to control and take advantage of you.
You need to claim your resources and make a more pointed effort to put them to work for you, the people and activities that will help serve your higher purpose in life.

Symbol #3

Relax. You’re on the right path! Although it might seem like everything is unstable, that’s just the way it needs to be right now.

When Theodore Roosevelt said ‘nothing in the world is worth having unless it means effort, pain and difficulty,’ he was referring to situations like yours. Yes, you’re going through some tough times right now but these experiences are leading you towards a place much better than you could ever imagine.

Symbol #4

If you chose this symbol, it means you’re hanging onto the past and it’s hurting you.
Whether you did something you regret or lost someone you love, you need to let yourself heal. Stop picking at the wound by replaying the event in your mind.
Instead, think about the lessons you’ve learned. Take those lessons forward and focus on how you can make your future as bright as possible.
Consider writing down your regret and burning the paper if you’re having a hard time closing off that particular chapter in your mind.

Symbol #5

All that hard work you’ve been doing is paying off – life is picking up speed! This is the perfect time to set some new goals for the chapter ahead. After all, setting goals is key to achieving satisfaction; how else are you going to know you’ve arrived?
Write down your objectives and use your new resources to propel yourself towards them.

Symbol #6

You’ve been trying to find life’s answers in the world around you. In reality, what you seek is deep within you – you need to look inward.
Focus on clearing the clutter in your mind through meditation. Reconnect with whatever higher being you associate with and let yourself become in sync with the universe. This will bring the answers you seek to the forefront of your mind.

Symbol #7

So you’ve chosen symbol #7. You’ve been working hard, haven’t you? You need to take a break. Get out and enjoy the world you’ve been locking yourself away from. Whether you decide to be spontaneous or plan out a vacation doesn’t matter – just step away from your busy schedule and rekindle your flame!
I know, I know, you’ll feel guilty if you take a break. But believe me when I say you’ve earned it.

Symbol #8

You’ve been living in isolation – it’s time to connect to the world around you.
I’m sure your initial goal was solitude, not isolation. But things have become the latter and you need to break out of your shell.
Open yourself up to true connection. There are a number of ways to do this. You can start by engaging in deep conversations with the friends and family members you’ve become removed from. If you prefer animals, try getting out in nature – feeding ducks is one of my favorite ‘reconnecting’ activities!
You may find that reconnecting with the world around you provides a number of the solutions you’ve been desperately seeking.

Symbol #9

If you chose this symbol, it means you’ve done all you can. Seriously, you’ve worked hard enough. Now’s the time to lay back and enjoy what you’ve worked for. We’re not just talking material things here; yes, you should enjoy your assets but don’t forget to enjoy your knowledge and the friends you’ve made as well!
Believe me when I say your hard work has made plenty of people happy – now’s the time for you to enjoy it!
I picked symbol #6 and it reflects exactly what I’m trying to do here at House of Rogue! It truly is a turn my life has made and a path that I’m still following.
So, what symbol did you pick and did it add up to your current situation?
With love,

2 thoughts on “What message for the future does your symbol reveal?

  1. Interesting.. Don’t forget that now’s the time to lay back and enjoy what you’ve worked for. See how much it has done for people already and a celebration might be in order? I think you’ve made quite some huge steps towards having your life the way you want it and being aware of what’s happening and why 🙂 It might even show that it’s time to sit back and take a deep breath after getting confronted with your deepest secret today?

    I tend to listen to Andy Puddicombe, as in one of my previous posts on Facebook. He can really be of huge help in clearing the mind and gaining some perspective.. I truly hope it can be of some help for you.


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