I decided to get started on writing a book again, as I did many times before in the last 5 years. I decided on a theme, the characters and the plot. All previous attempts ended up in me proofreading a chapter, deleting every sentence of it and as a reaction not writing for the months to follow. This time would be different. From the minute I decided to give it another shot, I started feeling flue-isch. There weren’t any clear symptoms of the flue, but I did feel sick. Good enough to go to work, sick enough to crawl up on the couch for the rest of the evening the minute I got home. I can’t work on a book now.. I’m sick. How convenient.

Image result for headache iconI’ve recently finished the 10th Insight of the Celestine Prophecy. Those who haven’t read it yet, do! Especially the first 9 insights gave me a lot of input towards my own life. The 10th Insight talks about the world vision and the growing awareness of people in that matter. One of the things that did really catch my interest, is the link between the mental and the physical.

Many physical resistances come from a mental one. The main character in the book used to spring his ankle on many occasion. After looking into this on a deeper level, he always sprung his ankle in advance of difficult situations. Looking into this on an even deeper level, he realised that this injury founds its origin when he was playing rugby at the school team. Every time he got put in a position that gave him too high of a pressure, he’d fake an ankle injury and would cling to it only to be sent off the field.

Awareness makes you regain your vision.

Next time you feel sick or experience an injury, take a minute.
Take a minute to think about what your feeling and at what specific moment.

Ask yourself these questions:

⇝ Is this a reoccurring injury? If so, where can you find the origin of it?
⇝ Is there anything in the future I’m feeling anxious about?
⇝  Am I currently in a situation that I’d rather not be in?
⇝ What other thoughts or feelings might have something to do with this injury?

Image result for bright light bulb

There’s a lot more to say about the link between the mental and the physical, but let’s start small. Let’s start with those small inconvenience that happen on a more regular basis. A flue, a headache, a sprung ankle.

You can’t just jump into a higher awareness and see the world opening for you. As everything in life, it’s something that needs to grow. So we’re going to take this step by step, each step bringing you closer to a higher awareness of yourself, your power and your influence on the world.

With love,



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