February: Month of Meditation Challenge!

February: Month of Meditation. Twenty-eight days with 10 minutes a day of meditation, combined with exercises to start healing old wounds. A sweet escape from the clutter of daily life. A challenge to take a big step in leaving the past behind and creating more space in the mind for love and happiness in the future.
February is going to be the month of meditation. Here, I said it again. And trust me that that’s quite the statement to be made by someone who didn’t really meditate. Ever. Okay that’s not completely true. I have used the Headspace app every now and then and I think Andy Puddicombe has amazing insights and tips that can really help you change your perspective. He also has an amazingly calming voice which can make me fall asleep within 5 minutes. Great when I’m having a hard time falling asleep. Not directly helpful when it comes to meditating..


 But here we are. Taking a step into the unknown and with that, taking a step towards a calmer mind and a peaceful heart. Take on the challenge with me?
Why meditation?
Our thoughts have a huge influence over us. We feel the way we decide to feel. We do not attract what we want. We attract who we are. We are what we think. Still following? Meditation in any form is a way to create more head space and to gain a new perspective on things. You don’t have to hum in lotus pose, unless that is what’s comfortable for you. Meditation isn’t about perfection and you don’t have to join a monastery. It simply gives you the opportunity to get a bit closer to yourself again. It’s a way to take a step back from all the clutter of daily life with the stressful thoughts that come with it and to simply sit back, let it be and feel.
What’s the goal?
The goal is not to have a goal. For once, there’s no pressure. No time window, no time limit. There are no things you have to reach. It’s simply a way to come a bit closer to yourself again. A short break from the distractions of life as we know it. The opportunity to let go of some of that old hurt and anger, or not. It is whatever you get out of it. Nothing less and nothing more.
What’s the plan?
Twenty-one days with 10 minutes of ‘basic’ meditation a day, let’s call it an introduction. Followed by seven days of ‘less basic’ meditation. Visualization exercises (guided by Louise Hay) to let go of hurt & anger and to get back to a self loving way of life.
What to do?

1. ⇝ Leave a comment with your email or use the contact form to receive the daily planning, explanation & guidance, and new exercises

2. ⇝ Download the free Oprah & Deepak 21 Meditation App (Android or Apple)
 3. ⇝ Find or create a calm space for your 10 minutes of meditation

4. ⇝ Ask friends and family members to join you, it’s even more wonderful to experience and discuss this with loved ones
5. ⇝ Wait for the first email to land in your inbox!
Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time and practice to get a handle on meditation. There’s no pressure, there’s no right or wrong. It’s an adventure and we’re going to take it together!
With love,
* PS. You can also contact me directly at thehouseofrogue@gmail.com
** PS. At the end of this month I’ll be sharing many more useful (and free!) Meditation apps and tips ‘n tricks to continue your journey



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