Living life as we do on a daily basis is the best way to lose touch with your true self. From a young age, we’re taught what is socially acceptable and what isn’t. You don’t tell lies, unless it’s a little white lie, that makes it okay. You don’t steal, unless there’s no other option. You are free to express yourself, as long as it fits in with your environment.
Every year spent functioning in ‘normal life’ makes you lose a part of yourself. You’ll adjust the tongue you’re speaking in. You’ll adjust the volume of your expressions. You change your passions in the ones that are for ‘your class’, within ‘your budget’ or within ‘your opportunities’. You don’t dance or shout or sing out loud whenever you feel like it, but in the safety and comfort of our own room, doors closed. You adjust the way you walk, talk, eat, drink, sleep and communicate. All because ‘fitting in’ is one of the most important things in this life…..
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