Looking back at your past relationships might make you feel as if you always pick the wrong person. And you know what? You might be right.
Us humans often carry a deep feeling of self-hatred within us. We once made the wrong choice, a wrong decision or we went against our gut feeling. By doing that, we betrayed ourselves. That gives us a feeling of unworthiness. We forgot how to love ourselves. For this or any other reason, we feel as if we deserve less. As if we don’t deserve love or happiness. Subconsciously, we will select the people around us based on that feeling. Actually kind of stupid, isn’t it? Most of it, is because we spend many years of our life, living a lie…
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During my second visit in Ireland, I met the love of my life. Within three months, I found myself with my bags packed on a plane to Cork. If you ever plan to visit Ireland, I wouldn’t recommend Cork as a first choice. It sure is a great city to use as your ‘base camp’ for further exploration of Ireland. But if you didn’t rent a car or arranged any other form of transportation, the city can get boring pretty easily.

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If I would have to describe Egypt in a few words, it would be ‘diving heaven’. Ask anyone who knows anything about diving, and they’ll give you Egypt as one of the places to be. I’ve spent many hours under the water and Egypt, still holds the number #1 diving location for me. I’ve been visiting North Africa for as long as I can remember, mostly spending our holidays in Tunisia. The North African culture has always felt like a home away from home to me. And after the many visits in Tunisia, Egypt absolutely didn’t disappoint.
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This free personality test is very accurate and insightful. It will help you understand yourself better and will allow you to learn more about the things that drive you. But that’s not all. You will also find out:
– Which famous personality’s share your type?
– What are the characteristics of your type?
– Which books should you read?
– What are your strengths and weaknesses?
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A simple 4-step mantra to practice forgiveness

Have you heard of the Hawaiian therapist who cured an entire ward of criminally insane patients, without ever meeting any of them or spending a moment in the same room? It’s not a joke. The therapist was Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. He reviewed each of the patients’ files, and then he healed them by healing himself. The amazing results seem like a miracle, but then miracles do happen when you use Ho’oponopono, or Dr. Len’s updated version called Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono (SITH). I had the pleasure of attending one of his lectures a few years ago and started practicing Ho’oponopono immediately. The results are often astounding. Do you need a miracle?

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The great joy of being a baby

When you first open your eyes to this world, you are carefree. You don’t worry about the way you look or the way your hair is falling that day. You probably don’t even have any hair.
You have no knowledge of good and bad, you don’t feel insecure. As a matter of fact, you don’t even comprehend the meaning of those words. You don’t think about comparing yourself to other babies. You don’t have thoughts insinuating that your hips are sticking out more than those of the baby next to you.

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